Shipley Bakery’s Belgium Biscuit Brans Sells Like Hot Cakes

Shipley based family run bakery, Just Desserts, has added a new Gateau to its Lotus Biscoff ® range following the success of its branded Cheesecake launched last year in collaboration with the world famous Belgian biscuit brand.  The Lotus Biscoff® Cheesecake has sold like hot cakes and now ranks among the dessert maker’s top 10 best selling products for the foodservice and hospitality markets.

The new handcrafted Lotus Biscoff® Gateau is made with four vanilla sponges, layered with fresh dairy cream and Lotus Biscoff® butter and finished with a Biscoff® butter draped edge and a sprinkle of Lotus biscuit crumb.   The original caramelised biscuit was first baked in the Belgian town of Lembeke in 1932 to a secret Boone family recipe.

Just Desserts managing director James O’Dwyer said: “We are among a privileged handful of businesses to be formally approved by Lotus to use the iconic biscuit and since it launched in the 1930s it has become Europe’s favourite with coffee lovers.  Since the launch of our branded cheesecake last year, we knew we were onto a winner and now our customers can’t get enough of it.  Our latest Lotus Biscoff® Gateau is an extension to the range and we are confident it will be equally well received and enjoyed.”

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