Consumers disillusioned by ‘horsegate’ are flocking to Hinchliffe’s for its beef burgers and steaks ““ with recent figures showing beef sales at the farm shop have risen by more than 10 per cent.

Booming beef sales at the Netherton business show sales of beef burgers ““ one of the first foods to be implicated in the horse meat scandal ““ have rocketed by 72 per cent, thanks to the fact Hinchliffe’s burgers are made from its own, 100 per cent hand-reared and butchered South Devon beef.

The sales figures, which compare the first 3 weeks of Feb 2012 with 2013, also show beef joints are up by 10 per cent and beef steaks up by eight per cent. Even sausages and chicken sales at the Huddersfield shop have risen by more than 15 per cent on last year.

“Since the horse meat scandal we’ve had customers from as far afield as London, Leeds and Northumbria,” says award-winning head butcher Craig Midwood. “Customers old and new want to know what’s gone into what they are buying and that what they are buying is quality produce. The increase in custom is surely evidence that the public finds all of this here at Hinchliffe’s.”

Hinchliffe’s general manager, Simon Hirst added: “There’s a reason why meat is so cheap from certain sources and that if something seems too good to be true ““ then it probably is! Our customers trust us to provide them with pure Hinchliffe-reared beef, butchered on site by our skilled butchers ““ that definitely has nothing else added ““ and we can offer the same first-class sourcing promise for all our products because we know exactly where each and every one of them has come from.”

The family-run farm shop will be stamping all its meat products with a ‘Hinchliffe’s Promise’ sticker over the next couple of weeks, to reinforce the fact that all its meat is 100 per cent local ““ and that its beef products are 100% beef.

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