Slingsby Gin launch a rich and smoky Barrel Aged Gin        


Harrogate-based artisan gin brand Slingsby have launched a Barrel Aged Gin, as a new limited edition innovation to add to their award-winning portfolio.

Following on from a sold-out initial run in 2016, the North Yorkshire firm has released a second strictly limited batch with only 400 bottles available to purchase.

Made using Slingsby’s premium London Dry Gin – which is left to mature in oak barrels for between 16-24 weeks – the finished product has rich, woody notes, with a subtle smokiness.

The unique spirit takes a golden-yellow hue from the barrels, giving it a whiskey-like warmth.

The barrel aged gin follows a similar maturing process to whiskey; however, the development time is much shorter to ensure the oak doesn’t over power the delicate botanical flavours that make up Slingsby’s signature product.

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Spirit of Harrogate, Marcus Black said: “At Slingsby we are always innovating with new flavour profiles and our oaky, slightly sweet, Barrel Aged Gin is one of our favourite creations yet. The idea of storing gin in barrels actually dates back to the 18th and early 19th centuries, when it was used functionally for shipping gin overseas – now we just love the warm smoky flavour it adds to our London Dry Gin.

We recommend drinking it neat over ice with a pink grapefruit peel garnish or alternatively with ginger ale, a dried ginger root and a grapefruit wedge”

Slingsby Barrel Aged Gin – 2017 Edition (42% ABV) is available to purchase online and in-store at Spirit of Harrogate now for £48.99.