Spirit of Yorkshire Celebrate 1000th Cask

Yorkshire’s first malt whisky distillery fills its 1000th cask of maturing malt
The team at Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery are celebrating after filling the 1000th cask of what will become Yorkshire’s first single malt whisky.
In April 2016, the Hunmanby based distillery began making the spirit that has to mature for a minimum of three years before it can legally be called whisky. In the meantime, and in response to positive feedback to samples of the maturing malt that visitors enjoyed when touring the distillery, the second of four collectible spirits that offer a taste of the maturing casks, Distillery Projects 2, was launched last month.
Director and co-founder, David Thompson said: “We’re really pleased with the way that the spirit is maturing and the support that we’ve had from customers and visitors to the distillery.
“Several of the 1000 casks have been bought by people looking for a potential investment. We’re delighted that the cask offer has appealed to both whisky fans and families and groups of friends who buy in to our grain to glass uniqueness and who want to be a part of Spirit of Yorkshire as it makes history.
“There’s still chance for people to buy into our cask offer as we have just released a limited number of first fill ex-Bourbon and ex-Sherry casks.”
Distillery Project 002, 46% ABV, is limited to 2000 individually numbered 70cl bottles. The release is priced at £39.95 and is only available to buy through the website (www.spiritofyorkshire.com) and from the distillery shop that is open seven days a week.
For more information about the cask offer visit www.spiritofyorkshire.com