Storm Brand Design unveil dynamic new design for Brittains Vodka

This month Storm Brand Design unveil the rebranding project they’ve been working on for Brittains Vodka!

Brittains is a Yorkshire based company making a brilliantly premium five times distilled vodka along with a range of flavoured vodkas made from the finest ingredients. Halifax based Storm Brand Design created a truly cut through positioning for the brand inspired by the idea of ‘An Extraordinary Spirit’ as an expression of British creativity, craftsmanship and eccentricity.

The bottle and carton display an elegant design and features the brand’s signature flamingo as a distinctive mascot. We’ve also recreated the feel of an extraordinary party at a stately home on the brand’s new website “” due to launch later this week.

Brittains will be gracing the shelves of the prestigious Fortnum & Mason on November 7th, and will be adding to the glamour of Selfridge’s from January. Let us know what you think!