Stuff the turkey! it’s Christmas Dinner ““ in a cake!

There will be no excuses not to scoff your sprouts this Christmas, if you tuck into a wedge of *Weeton’s of Harrogate’s* new ‘Christmas Dinner Cake’ made from all the trimmings ““ minus the turkey.

The Christmas Dinner Cake ““ which was baked exclusively for Weeton’s by its multi-award winning cake supplier Allison Whitmarsh, of Proper Maid in Huddersfield ““ contains carrots, parsnips, cranberries, Christmas spices, chestnuts ““ and of course the sprouts.

“We all know that vegetables are great in cakes but who knew you could get an entire Christmas dinner in there!” says cake connoisseur Allison. “While the cake was baking there was a definite whiff of sprouts, but the end result is absolutely delicious ““ Christmas dinner never tasted so good!”

Weeton’s operations director Jo Loftus says she can’t wait to sample her first sweet slice. “Allison has been providing us with delicious cakes for sometime now and we didn’t think she could beat some of her more unconventional flavours, but this is festive and fantastic,” she says. “There’ll be no running around like a headless turkeys this Christmas ““ just serve a slice of this Noel novelty and you’ve got Christmas dinner licked!”

The Christmas Dinner Cake, which is topped with a cream cheese frosting and decorated with cranberries and white chocolate curls, will be available to try at Weeton’s café throughout December, plus this unusual sweet treat is available to order this festive season.