Talking Turkey at Swillington Organic Farm

A Yorkshire farm and meat producer are inviting visitors onto their West Yorkshire farm to learn more about where their Christmas geese and turkeys come from.

swillington turkey 3Swillington Organic Farm are inviting their customers to their MeatUp event Saturday 28th November at 1 pm where they can take a short farm walk and see the birds.

Completely free-range and free to forage in organic woodland, the birds, which are a sell-out year on year, are reared organically and fed on a natural diet.  The Norfolk Black and Bronze heritage breeds give a traditional flavour and take 6 months to be reared from farm to fork.

Swillington work hard to ensure their animals are raised to the highest standards of animal welfare. This in turn helps to guarantee customers receive only the best quality meat, and their turkeys are a perfect example of that philosophy.

Farmer Ed Cartwright explains; “It takes us two weeks to slaughter, pluck and hand prepare our turkeys for Christmas, the same amount of birds would be processed in just two minutes in a factory. Our small scale reduces stress and means we can traditionally dry pluck by hand and hang each bird for three weeks for an unbeatable flavour.”

“Being the headline act in arguably the most important meal of the year, the turkey really is the crowning glory of the dinner table at Christmas, so why on earth would you settle for anything other than an organically produced Yorkshire bird?”

Swillington turkeyLooking after the birds is no easy task. Being completely free range, the birds can roam the woodland throughout the day before being rounded up into the barn in the evening.  Exhausting for the team, but it’s what they believe gives the turkeys the best quality of life compared to an indoor intensive system.

Whilst the farming methods may be traditional, online ordering and nationwide home delivery prove that Swillington have found the perfect mix between heritage, tradition and modern retail.  For more information visit