The (Coconut) Cream of the Crop

sweet revolution

An instant latte entrepreneur from Yorkshire has been announced as the winner of Ocado’s Britain’s Next Top Supplier competition.

Jane Nicholls, founder of Sweet Revolution based in Wetherby won the prestigious accolade for her range of free-from hot drinks, ahead of some stiff competition, with prizes including listings of her products with the leading online supermarket and £50,000.

Jane, who started the businesses after making raw chocolate bars for her lactose intolerant son at her home in West Yorkshire said: “Younger generations are more aware of the options available to them and are increasingly bold in their dietary decisions.”

“Whilst the free-from chocolate category was booming, there were very limited or quality options for hot chocolate. Eager to fill this gap in the market, we began crafting our own which later turned into Sweet Revolution, and we now offer a wide range of vegan and free-from instant hot drinks.”

The company’s entry impressed the final round’s judges who included Janet Leigh, Good Housekeeping’s Food Testing Manager, Rose Price Ocado’s Head of Buying and Lawrence Hene, Ocado’s Marketing and Commercial Director, who put the products ahead of more than one hundred other entries.  

Alongside the title of Britain’s Next Top Supplier, Sweet Revolution will also receive a £50,000 marketing budget and listings with the online supermarket.

Karen Makepeace, Buying Manager at Ocado, adds: “I was instantly intrigued by Sweet Revolution. Jane has created a company that brings something new to hot drinks, and has opened up the category for everyone to enjoy, regardless of their dietary restrictions and decisions. For me, this was a key part of Jane’s success as Britain’s Next Top Supplier. It also doesn’t hurt that the drinks are delicious!”

The Sweet Revolution range is now available at Ocado priced at £7.95 per 200g, and includes Hot Chocolate, Matcha Latte, Reishi Chai Latte, Beetroot Latte, Turmeric Latte and Chicory Latte.