The Nation’s Breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but how many of us honestly always have it religiously? Here are some information collected by Shake Up Your Wake Up:

An insight into the nation’s breakfast eating habits
• Half of people skip breakfast at some point during the week, with 15 per cent not eating a morning meal at all
• One in ten skip breakfast in a bid to lose weight, but breakfast skippers are twice as likely to reach for a bag of crisps mid morning
• 59 per cent of people are unaware of the health and wellbeing benefits that breakfast can offer
• Social media plays a part in distracting people from their morning routine, with a third of people (35%) catching up on personal emails and a quarter (25%) checking their social networks.
• The top reasons for missing breakfast are cited as not feeling hungry in the morning (50%) and preferring to spend more time in bed (21%)

Missing out on breakfast benefits
• Those who have breakfast are less likely to snack as they feel fuller.
• Have better concentration.
• Have higher energy levels
• Usually slimmer.

After these shocking discoveries there is a launch of Farmhouse Breakfast Week (20-26 January 2013) to combat it. Farmhouse Breakfast Week is an annual celebration championing the importance of breakfast which aims to get the nation to Shake Up Their Wake Up! 47% of people regularly skip breakfast during the week so our aim is to encourage people to enjoy breakfast more regularly.

They will be promoting healthy breakfasts in January, providing scrummy recipes and there will be events around the country. Including some of our members will be holding some of their own. So keep your eyes peeled here .

TV cookery expert Nadia Sawalha, who is supporting Farmhouse Breakfast Week said: “As a busy working mum I know that mornings can be hectic, but it’s time to reprioritise breakfast. Taking just a few minutes to have something to eat really does pay off later in the day. There are a huge variety and combination of foods you can eat at breakfast, which can be prepared in very little time. From a host of different toppings for toast, through to a wide number of different breakfast cereals and cooked options for the weekend like eggs and bacon.”

Visit for more information on Farmhouse Breakfast Week, including how you can get involved with #BreakfastWatch, which aims to be the nation’s biggest online celebration of breakfast ever!

Keep your eyes peeled here for events, recipes and tips!