The Proper Oats Company launch on-the-go breakfast

A York based entrepreneur with a passion for health and fitness is on a mission to help make our lives more tasty.

The Proper Oats Company founded by Suzanne Ferreira is launching this month with their first line of products featuring all natural overnight oat pots made with locally produced Skyr yoghurt, wholegrain oats and real fruit.

Created after seeing a gap in the market for ready to eat breakfasts, made with natural ingredients and not full of refined sugar, Suzanne, who also competes in body building competitions set about making her own.    

Suzanne said: “As a qualified nutritionist, raising my daughter, working and training for competitions, I spend a lot of time preparing meals and always struggled to find healthy, delicious and convenient breakfasts-to-go on the supermarket shelves.”   

“It’s a strange time to be launching a new business but I love the challenge and I’m proud of what I’ve managed to achieve so far with the invaluable support I’ve had. 

“The Government are making tackling obesity a priority and there is an increased demand for food products with health benefits.  Our overnight oats genuinely tick all the boxes of health, convenience and taste, and importantly for us they’re made locally too which will appeal to our consumers who are conscious of their food provenance.   

Overnight oats are essentially a no cook, chilled version of porridge.  Wholegrain oats are soaked in award winning Hesper Farm Skyr, a thick, Icelandic style yoghurt which softens the oats and creates a thick, creamy consistency, blended with real fruit puree.  The range will initially feature Strawberry & Blackcurrant and Apple, Cinnamon & Sultana flavours with more options to follow. 

Suzanne adds: “Now more than ever we’re increasingly aware of the role that good nutrition plays in our overall health.  Overnight Oats are so delicious, healthy and super convenient they seemed like the natural product to launch first.”

As well as being delicious, oats are one of the most nutrient dense foods available and have extraordinary health benefits including being rich in heart healthy soluble fibre beta glucan, which not only helps to lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels but also promotes healthy gut bacteria and helps you stay fuller for longer. 

The Proper Oats Company products are available from newly opened Sourced Market at Skelton Lake Services in Leeds and Fodder in Harrogate as well as a number of other independent retailers throughout the region.  For more information and to buy online visit their website and enter code YP10 for a 10% discount.

Image credit: James Clark