With over three decades of starch experience between them, Andrew Ulrick and Adrian Short founders of multi-million pound clean label ingredients company Ulrick & Short, are stepping up their promotional activities to further reinforce the core values of a brand range, which bears their names.
As part of the programme the company will be highlighting its customer charter which documents a highly personal service covering everything from the despatch of samples within 48 hours to a commitment to help customers add value to their business. The charter stems from a personal commitment by the directors that anything which displays their names must be of good quality and backed by an excellent service.
Ulrick & Short is at the forefront of the clean label ingredients business and knows that good products overtime become synonymous with the name of the company offering them, which is the reason it has no intentions of name changing. This fact is not missed by food multi-nationals like Unilever which continues with successful household names from Birds Eye to Marmite many decades after they were purchased.
The business will also be undertaking a range of raw material studies to discover some new and exciting functional, clean label ingredients. The company’s crop base already includes wheat, tapioca, maize, flax and rice but Ulrick & Short is keen to continue to expand the diversity of its ingredients even further.
In addition, the company will also be reviewing and extending the functionality parameters of its existing crop base. The majority of the development work and product trials will be carried out at Ulrick & Short’s recently upgraded development kitchen in Pontefract, West Yorkshire and the company’s food technologists.
Ulrick & Short’s director, Adrian Short commented: “As companies grow bigger there is an assumption that they will look to re-brand, however we have opted to concentrate on our core values, rather than superficial ones, and prefer to place our resources into increased product awareness and R&D.”
“This focus will ensure that we maintain our position of being technically superior to our competitors and achieve our long-term business objectives – deliver consistently high customer service, develop our product range and expand into new market areas.”
“Our leading market position means that we do not feel the need to introduce a new corporate identity and remain confident that our own names are enough to symbolise what the company has to offer. Andrew and I are extremely involved within all aspects of the business from raw material sourcing and processing, research and development, export and import through to product trials, conceptualising finished product ideas and delivering the final ingredients.”
Ulrick & Short believes that the backbone of its success has come from their extensive experience within the food industry and knowledge of the wide ranging functionalities delivered from different raw materials. This broad expertise coupled with the company’s highly focused
approach to providing first class customer service supports Ulrick & Short’s aggressive expansion strategy and has allowed it to be at the forefront of developing functional clean label ingredients.
For further information about the company’s range of functional clean label ingredients and functional fibres or to discuss recipe needs please contact Ulrick & Short on 01977 620011