Extracted from the richest vegetable source of Omega 3 in the world – flax – Ulrick & Short Ltd’s latest addition to its extensive range of clean label ingredients is a highly functional, non-GM Nordic flax oil, which can help food manufacturers deliver a natural source of Omega 3 in finished products such as breads, sauces and oil based dressings.

Cold pressed at low temperatures, Ulrick & Short’s Omelin® oil is a clear, rich, golden liquid and although slightly nutty in taste, does not mask flavours and can in fact help to enhance existing ones.

Omelin® oil is extremely versatile, easy to integrate into new and existing recipe formulations and can be used on its own as the main oil in a wide range of applications from bakery and snacks to dips, sauces and dietary supplements.
Additive and GM free, the purity of this highly functional oil means only a small amount is required in formulations so manufacturers can easily and cost effectively achieve the nutritional profiles and associated claims that go with Omega rich products.
This sophisticated high concentration means that Omelin® oil can also be used to complement other oils and in some instances substitute other fats in baking such as butter, which not only gives the finished product improved nutritional claims but enhanced finished textures and mouth-feel.
Unlike other Omega 3 sources, which are often obtained from fish, Ulrick & Short’s flax oil is naturally vegetarian allowing it to be used as the main Omega source in more food options to appeal to a wider audience.

Flax oil contains Omega 3 (alpha-linoleic) and Omega 6 (linoleic) fatty acids, which helps to maintain the correct balance in the body and comes with other associated claims such as maintaining healthy blood cholesterol and promoting healthy skin, nails and hair.

This latest offering from the renowned ingredient specialists has been timed perfectly to meet the growing demands of food manufacturers who are under continuing pressure from retailers and consumers alike to develop even more innovative, healthier finished products.

Ulrick & Short’s director, Adrian Short, commented: “Consumer awareness of the health benefits connected with Omega rich products has become increasingly sophisticated over recent years, making this particular label claim hugely popular.
“Historically, Omega sources were limited and often carried ‘fishy’ connotations but the acceptance, by not only consumers but also retailers, of the use of flax has meant that manufacturers now have the flexibility to use flax for many more product development opportunities.

“Earlier this year the company launched a range of functional fibres (Scilia® range) and felt that the addition of Omelin® flax oil would deliver the perfect balance of nutritional enhancing ingredients and fully support our existing clean label range of fat replacers, phosphate replacements, binders, emulsifiers, functional flours, glazes and egg replacements.”
With the food industry continuing to focus on nutrition and consumers striving for healthier lifestyles, it looks like Ulrick & Short’s Omelin® oil will be able to provide the functionality, versatility and nutritional profiles that manufacturers are desperate to achieve.

For further information about the company’s range of functional clean label ingredients and functional fibres or to discuss recipe needs please contact Ulrick & Short on 01977 620011