Warrendale Wagyu launch gourmet wagyu sausages

Warrendale Wagyu have added a new addition to their award-winning range.

The UK’s leading producer of Wagyu beef, has launched a range of Wagyu Sausages which will be available exclusively in 200 Waitrose stores from Wednesday 4th October.

The gourmet sausage launch, which is thought to be the only Wagyu beef sausage available in major supermarkets, follows six months of rigorous development to create a product with the best taste and texture possible. Available in Original and Horseradish, they’re made of 90% and 86% premium British Wagyu Beef and are both gluten and dairy free.

Krystina Houghton, sausage buyer at Waitrose, said: “We’re really excited to be adding these British wagyu sausages into our range. Not only are they packed full of incredible umami flavours, but they are made with British beef so it’s fantastic to see more support for our farmers.”

Work in partnership with a 750-strong collective of farmers to rear herds of a Wagyu cross dairy cattle breed known as F1 Wagyu, Warrendale Wagyu has been running its unique business model producing high quality, marbled Wagyu beef since 2017 and now supply Waitrose and premium restaurants as well as selling online through their website.

Tom Richardson, Managing Director of Warrendale Wagyu says:  “At Warrendale, we’re passionate about Wagyu and want to find new ways for people to enjoy it. We’re very proud of our new sausages, and every care has been taken to make sure the taste, texture and traceability are the best they can be.”

Wagyu Original and Horseradish Sausages, will be sold exclusively in Waitrose stores, Waitrose online and at www.warrendale-wagyu.co.uk with an introductory offer of 25% off.