Warrendale Wagyu look to expand farmer network

The team at an East Yorkshire based Wagyu business are looking to recruit more farmers to help produce their award-winning beef.

Warrendale Wagyu, based on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds currently work in partnership with more than 300 farmers across the UK to produce their high quality, specialist British grown wagyu cattle as part of their unique supply chain business model.

Now, thanks to the popularity of their products, along with some exciting new expansions plans, the team are looking to expand their network of producers further.

Warrendale’s unique model works with dairy farms, crossing full blood Wagyu genetics with their herds to produce a Wagyu cross, known as an F1 Wagyu, which delivers a high quality and highly prized carcass.  The scheme enables farmers to produce cattle as part of a guaranteed supply chain with agreed terms and pricing structures on a contract basis. 

Jamie Brownrigg, Production Director at Warrendale Wagyu said: “The last few years have provided us with some really exciting opportunities as more people want to buy our unique product” 

“We’re currently working with a number of farmers around the country who produce and rear our high-quality cattle but are looking to expand this network further over the coming months as our market grows”

Launched in 2017, Warrendale Wagyu’s products are now stocked in many high-end restaurants and retailers across the UK and beyond including Waitrose, Tomahawk restaurants and Aldi as well as many regional and international businesses.

During the lockdown period, the Warrendale team were able to increase their product range and online offering, expanding into subscription boxes and home deliveries both of which have proven to be increasingly popular with consumers looking to source high quality and high welfare meat products to enjoy at home.

Jamie continues: “We’ve seen our market reach and online sales increase massively over the last couple of years and are looking to capitalise on this growth as well as expand into new and emerging markets.”

“It’s an exciting time to get involved with Warrendale Wagyu as consumer demands for quality meat and in particular Wagyu increases.  Benefits for producers joining the scheme include easy calving and guaranteed buy back of healthy calves, along with up to £50 slaughter premium, fixed pricing structures and premiums based on quality.”

For more information on becoming a producer contact or jamie@warrendale-wagyu.co.uk , alternatively call the head office on 01759 361254and to order their range of products online visit www.warrendale-wagyu.co.uk