Water with a difference

At the gourmet water Co we believe in the art of intrigue & surprise as we treat our customers to a unique, indulgent and quality product, from where the initial scent evokes feelings & emotions through to a lingering infusion of flavours and ingredients executed as a refreshing water.

Gourmet water is a ground braking product that has never been achieved in water before, the idea was born from watching the many cooking progrmmes such as master chef where I watched intensely, wondering if i would be able to possibly transfer the sense of texures and flavours into spring water.

There are many one dimentional flavoured waters on the market but none that are like the gourmet water range which have the real taste and aroma of your favourite dessert. We also created a green salad water for those who want the experience of gourmet but without the indulgence.

Gourmet water has also created a “water menu” which seems to be a popular request in restaurants & hotels. The menu is currently being used on dining tables in the world famous Mumtaz restaurants where they were very excited to be able to offer their customers this unique new product.