Wedding favours inspire Wolds winner

A former mortgage broker turned artisan food producer has extended his range of popular Chilli Jams to appeal to a wider audience.
Thixendale based Simon Barrett, AKA The Chilli Jam Man, has launched a mellow version of his best selling Original Chilli Jam and has named it after the area that inspires his foodie creations.

Yorkshire Wolds Chilli Jam was developed from the wedding favours that Simon and his wife Bonnie created for their wedding last December and it was so well received that they were compelled to go into full scale production. Simon said; “It was designed with a rolling flavour that reflects the undulations of the Yorkshire Wolds. I knew that I had got it right when my new mother-in-law, who didn’t used to like chillis, absolutely loved it!”

Fan Emma-Jane Whelan, who owns ART&ROSE Gallery in Pocklington enthused; “It is my new vice. Heaven in a jar. I LOVE the stuff! It’s so versatile – I use it as a dip with crudites, an ingredient to flavour curries and chillis, or on its own with cold meats and cheese”

Hand crafted in Yorkshire from natural ingredients, Yorkshire Wolds Chilli Jam costs £4.00 is available “online” and from farmers’ markets and good farm shops and delicatessens throughout Yorkshire. In addition, the Chilli Jam will be attending all of Yorkshire’s key shows and food festivals events including the Great Yorkshire Show and Beverley food festival and will also be making its presence felt nationwide with stalls at the BBC Good Food Shows in Glasgow and Birmingham. Simon and the Chilli Jam team will also be attending Grillstock in Bristol and the prestigious chilli festivals in Brighton and Chichester.

Yorkshire Wolds Chilli Jam is part of a range of award-winning Jams that include Garlic, Smoky, Ginger, Bhut Jolokia, Yorkshire Dragon, The 3 Peaks and the increasingly popular signature series of ‘Ultra Jams’.