A North Yorkshire sausage producer have created an inventive way of celebrating Valentine’s day for the meat lover in your life!

Family run HECK, based at Kirklington near Bedale, already produce a range premium sausages, burgers and meatballs but have put a distinctly romantic twist on their latest product to hit the shelves this month.

A PECK from HECK is a specially designed Valentines card, each containing a meaty treat inside and plays on the family motto ‘what the heck’ which is how the company gained its name.

The limited edition product contains a heart shaped sausage, complete with a cleverly designed card built into each pack to capture a Valentine’s message. Perfect for a Valentine’s breakfast in bed, the romantically shaped sausages are made with British pork and are available now until the 14th February from Waitrose stores.

The gourmet food company, founded by husband and wife team Andrew and Debbie Keeble and three of their children in 2013 now stock all of the major supermarkets and this year will see the opening of HECK’s new food factory on the site of the old family farm, featuring state of the art machinery capable of producing 700 sausages per minute and also include ‘sausage world’ giving consumers an insight into the production of the humble banger.