Deliciouslyorkshire Plans to Expand Brand Licensing

Deliciouslyorkshire (DY), the Regional Food Group for Yorkshire and Humber, has announced plans to expand the licensing of its well-known ‘Deliciouslyorkshire’ brand across a wide range of food and drink products originated in the region.

For 5 years DY had a licence agreement with a leading Yorkshire produce company across a wide range of products, which came to an end last year. It is now DY’s intention to look at multiple licences for individual product categories as a means of promoting both Yorkshire food and drink and the ‘Deliciouslyorkshire brand’, which is a registered trade mark.

DY is inviting food and drink companies in Yorkshire to come forward with ideas for how they might use the brand to develop their own businesses and help to spread the word about one of the region’s strongest sectors.

DY’s chair Judy Bell said: “In Yorkshire we have a dynamic and vibrant food and drink industry with many fabulous businesses, both large and small. These success stories are showcased at our annual Taste awards in Harrogate on 6 November.

In ‘Deliciouslyorkshire’ we have a brand which emphasises that products from this region are truly delicious in every way. We want that brand to be used on food & drink produced in Yorkshire and for it to be seen up and down the country and internationally. Expanding our licensing of the brand will help to achieve that.”

Companies interested in licensing the brand should contact DY’s Business Development Manager, Allison Kane (