Farmers Cart celebrate national butchers week with some fantastic offers…

The Farmers Cart have some great offers on their Butchers Counter for #butchersweek – they have matched the supermarkets with a “3 for £10” offer on their own sausages, pork chops, homemade burgers (beef, lamb and mint) and bacon loin chops (all from their own Pigs reared on our farm) and locally sourced chicken breasts that will beat the size of a typical supermarket size chicken breast. (from Nidderdale Poultry)

They also have a great “2 for £7” offer on Aberdeen Angus minced beef which is from our family’s Aberdeen Angus cattle reared in Tadcaster.

Plus they will be putting tasters out everyday of their sausages which come in lots of flavours – Pork and Tomato, Pork and Leek, Beef (Aberdeen Angus beef), Bhangra (spicy) Pork and Apple, Gluten Free, Pork and Chilli, Black Pudding sausages,Cumberland and Lincolnshire.

Sounds good to us!