Fimore and Union launch a totally Gluten Free Menu that doesn’t scrimp on flavour!

With sites in York Station, York, Moortown, Harrogate, Wetherby and Leeds, Yorkshire based “clean living” restaurant brand Filmore and Union are going from strength to strength with their distinctive style and Health Kitchen Products.

Here’s their latest Gluten Free menu…


Filmore bread board with olives,
feta, olive oil and balsamic vinegar and homemade tomato chutney (*GF) 8.95


Homemade soup with warm crusty bread (*GF DF) 6.95

Warm pulled pork salad with celeriac, rhubarb and sage dressing (GF DF) 7.25

Steamed mussels with a coconut milk, green tea, ginger and coriander broth (DF GF) 7.50

Indian spiced edamame and butterbean baked fritters, basil and cucumber yoghurt,
pear and apricot chutney (GF V Ve* ) 6.95

Ginger cured mackerel with roasted pear and a raw Asian slaw (GF DF CS) 7.50


Gilthead sea bream with spiced cauliflower & potatoes, squash & raisin dressing
(GF DF CN) 14.95

10oz Bone in Rib eye steak, roast sweet potato, green beans and peanut dressing
(GF DF CN) 18.95

Grilled polenta with rosemary and edamame, feta cheese, roasted portabello mushrooms
and tomato ragu (GF V CS Ve*) 12.95

Roast chicken stuffed with pistachio, lime and edamame pesto, warm kale and squash,
pear chutney (GF DF CN) 14.95

Herb crusted fillet of hake, sweet potato and orange mash, almond and mint yoghurt (GF CN CS) 15.95


Roots/Greens/Leaves 2.50 each


Filmore seasonal cheesecake, please ask for today’s choice (GF) 6.95

Baked rhubarb with pineapple and rosemary salsa, strawberries and pecan crunch
(GF DF Ve CN) 6.95

Dark chocolate lime and pistachio pots (GF CN) 6.95

Filmore cheese board with today’s local cheese, homemade chutney,
grapes and rye crackers (*GF) 8.95

DF = Dairy Free
Ve*Can be amended to Vegan
WF= Wheat Free
V= Vegetarian
CN= Contains nuts
CS= Contains seeds
GF= No Gluten containing ingredients

*Gluten Free option available please note that our kitchens are not 100% Gluten Free