Ghostly goings on between York Brewery and The Chilli Jam Man

Two Yorkshire producers have come together to collaborate on a new product which aims to give drinkers a delicious fright!

mostly ghostlyYork Brewery and the Chilli Jam Man have come together to create Mostly Ghostly, a flavour sensation combining the brewery’s Centurion’s Ghost Ale and the Chilli Jam Man’s Ghost chillis to create a firey result!

The dark, brooding, full bodied ruby ale is made using Fuggle and Bramling Cross hops and is infused with the Chilli Jam Man’s ‘superhot’ pepper the Bhut Jolokia which has a 1.1million Scoville rating!

The pepper, known as the Ghost for its heat which creeps up on those who dare eat it has been delighting tasters and testers of Mostly Ghostly who have reported the heat is delayed and it sneaks up on the drinker with a, growing, lingering warmth.

Described as rich, dark and hot, Mostly Ghostly is to be officially unveiled at the start of York Food & Drink Festival on September 18th. It will be available in bottles with a limited amount in cask and there is a tangible, feverish excitement at York Brewery about its launch.

Director Andy Barker said, “The temperature in the brewery has been rising steadily with this latest innovation and believe me, Mostly Ghostly is out of this world. It is freakishly good.”

The Chilli Jam Man himself, Simon Barrett said, ‘I love working on collaborations with other great producers, everything from Chilli Jam Sausages and Pork Pies to Chilli Jam Ice Cream and Chocolate Cakes. Needless to say, I’m very excited to be working with York Brewery on a Chilli Beer. I’ve been looking for the right company to work with for years and we’ve done a lot of research which as you can imagine, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed!’