Meet our Members – Yummy Yorkshire

*Yummy Yorkshire Ice Cream, High Flatts near Denby Dale*
Jeremy and Louise Holmes first started making ice cream back in 2007, however as a third generation farmer Jeremy’s family have been processing and bottling milk at their High Flatts farm since the 1960’s.
Keen to make use of the gallons of cream which was a product of the bottling process , the husband and wife team put their heads together, looked at the options and decided that they wanted to make ice cream!
And so it began! Jeremy went on an ice cream making course, they bought a machine (which came with an ice cream making consultant) and they got to work on creating the recipe which forms the base for the dozens of weird and wonderful flavours they produce today.
Several years on the business has come full circle, while the Holmes family are still dairy farmers, they no longer bottle milk on site instead sending it to a local dairy to be processed. Ice cream is their main business and between the farm, ice cream production and their on site café and deli they employ 12 staff.
Yummy Yorkshire is quickly becoming a much loved tourist and family destination in the area and Jeremy and Louise have worked extremely hard to put Delph House Farm on the map!

*!What do the experts recommend*
Over the last 7 years Yummy Yorkshire have developed over 100 ice cream flavours from Yorkshire Parkin to Black Garlic and dark chocolate but which ones are the founder’s favourites!
*Jeremy’s favourite(s)!* Salted Caramel and Malted Milk (he couldn’t pick just one!)
*Louise’s favourite!* Chocolate (made to Yummy Yorkshire’s very special recipe, using real Belgian chocolate)

*!Proudest moment*
In 2009 “Lou’s Liquorice” Ice Cream won 3 Star Gold in the Great Taste Awards followed by Best Dairy product and Supreme Champion at the deliciouslyorkshire Awards.
This signified a turning point for Jeremy and Louise, realising that there was a gap in the market for the unusual and quirky flavours which have since become their trademark. Following their triple win they were inundated with requests from retailers and restaurants who wanted to stock the product, and as a result of the awards the ice cream was listed in Asda.

*The Dream Team!*
Throughout the year Yummy Yorkshire invite ice cream fans to become part of their “dream team” and give them feedback on their newest flavours.
As well as being talked through the ice cream making process from start to finish the dream team act as a taste panel for Yummy Yorkshire’s newest and most innovative flavours and were responsible for the development of combinations such as Yummy Yorkshire’s Lemon Mascarpone and Ginger Crunch.

Louise says “It’s hugely important to us that our customers have the opportunity to give feedback and help with the development of our newest flavours. Inviting customers into the business gives them a better understanding of the work that goes into making ice cream, helps them appreciate the quality of our product and encourages brand loyalty.”

*Some wise decisions!*
When creating their original packaging design Jeremy and Louise had to foresight to make their tubs and labelling system universal, giving them the flexibility to produce multiple flavours without restriction. This flexibility has allowed them to work with dozens of other artisan Yorkshire producers many of whom are fellow deliciouslyorkshire members. They include Lottie Shaw’s, Shepherds Purse, Mercers of Yorkshire, The Chilli Jam Man and Puckett’s Pickles.
Louise says: “The deliciouslyorkshire logo to us represents a unity of like minded proud Yorkshire producers who support each other through the DY network to spread the word of just how good our food and drink is!. after all we are the food capital of England!”
Up-scaling production gave Yummy Yorkshire the option to move to a continuous production system, but the husband and wife team made the decision to stick with making their ice cream in batches. Although it’s more labour intensive it allows them to monitor the quality of their product at any time in the process, making sure that every scoop is as good as the next. A true artisan product!

*The Future!*
In 2014 Yummy Yorkshire are going from strength to strength. Delph House Farm is quickly becoming one of the best loved family destinations in the area. Work is currently taking place on a brand new kitchen for the café which allow them to expand their menu and the next big plan is another extension of the shop to meet demand of their ever growing customer base.