Northern Bl°c to Launch Little Bloc

An innovative Leeds based ice cream producer is to launch a new range of natural ice creams specifically for children containing no refined sugar.

Northern Bl°c founded by Dirk Mischendahl and Josh Lee are set to launch their Little Bloc flavours which are 100% natural, only 90kcal per 100ml alongside their already successful range of products.

Developed and created by Chef Manolo Imperatori, a world renowned ice cream maker, Little Bloc was created specifically with children in mind as a treat that was both indulgent and pure as well as healthy, high quality, and high in calcium.  The new range come in Super Strawberry, Mega Mango, and Crazy Chocolate flavours.

Northern Bl°c director Josh Lee says “We saw that there was a gap in the market for a refined sugar free amazing tasting ice cream for young kids, which is why we’ve created our new flavours. It was so important to us to reduce sugar levels, and to ensure that Little Bloc tastes and feels as good as its older siblings. It’s time for some hype around kids nutrition.”

Northern Bl°c’s standard range of quirky and innovative flavours is natural and free from artificial ingredients and available throughout the region at retailers and attractions as well as being served in some of the North’s leading restaurants.

Using the best quality, responsibly sourced and natural ingredients, their ice creams are now available in the Co-op regionally and soon to be nationwide.

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