The Yummy Yank Launches Snappy New Range

An award-winning Yorkshire baker, whose products feature an American twist, has added a new line to her popular range.

Lisa Gair, who originally hails from the US, has been living and working in Yorkshire since 1997 and creating her range of sweet treats under the guise of The Yummy Yank.

Using that heritage to inspire her range of popular sweet treats, The Yummy Yanks products include classic American style cheesecakes and brownies which are available online, at independent retailers and at farmers markets and food festivals across the region.

Now the award-winning baker has added an innovative new product to the range with the launch of Brownie Snaps. Based on a unique hybrid recipe between a biscuit and a brownie, the new crispy, snappy cookies are already proving popular with customers and retailers alike.

Lisa explains: “Traditionally we’ve baked classics such as rich American style brownies, bars and traybakes in over 14 different varieties as well as a selection of layer cakes and our signature cake/cheesecake combinations.

“After nearly 20 years of baking our range and selling our products up and down the country we wanted to create a product that reflected both our desire for using high quality products with the additional benefit of being a packaged product with a shelf life which would appeal to retailers.

“Our newest line of Brownie Snaps is currently available in three flavours, Chocolate, Chocolate – with a Hint of Orange and Chocolate with a Hint of Mint and are already proving really popular.  We’ve designed them to be crisp, snappy and full of chocolaty flavour and reminiscent to the crunchy edge of a traditional brownie.”

The new Brownie Snaps come in fully recyclable drums and are already gaining a following thanks to being shortlisted in the Best Yorkshire Bakery category at the 2021 Deliciouslyorkshire Taste Awards at the end of last year.

Lisa continues: “We were so delighted to receive such an accolade given the fact that the product had only just become available when we entered them.

“I had an idea for what I wanted to create, but it’s taken two years of blood, sweat and tears to achieve what we have now as a retail ready product.  We’ve spent a long time developing the recipe, matching dough consistencies with available machinery before arriving at something very different to the original concept – but something that I am even more delighted with and proud of. They have what we call our ‘signature snap’ which make them a delicious snack, straight from the drum, or a perfect dunker in a cup of tea!”

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