Whisky cask number 1944 bought by a group of serving Yorkshire Regiment officers

A number of serving Yorkshire Regiment officers have grouped together to buy a cask of whisky with a significant number from Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery 

The group, who range in rank from Lieutenant to Lieutenant Colonel and currently serve in the UK, France, US and Holland, have bought cask number 1944 and two members of the group travelled to the distillery, in Hunmanby, North Yorkshire on the 6th June to fill it.

“The 6th June is a significant day as it’s the 75th anniversary of the D-Day campaign where two of the Yorkshire Regiment’s antecedent regiments, the Green Howards and the East Yorkshire Regiment, were central to the action.

“It is also the 13th anniversary of the Regiment’s Formation Day, so it seemed fitting to fill the cask on that day,” said Lieutenant Colonel James Ashworth, who has coordinated the purchase from his base in Swindon.

Spirit of Yorkshire’s Whisky Director, Joe Clark said: “We’re delighted that James and his colleagues could make it to the distillery to fill cask number 1944 themselves on this memorable date.

“The former bourbon cask will now be stored in our bonded warehouse, where it will mature for a minimum of three years. The officers will be invited to taste the maturing spirit annually at our cask owners’ day in August.”

Lieutenant Colonel Ashworth continued: “The group shares a common bond of the Yorkshire Regiment, their connection and service to the county and, of course, an appreciation of whisky. So as they say, owning a cask of Yorkshire’s first single malt whisky was a ‘no brainer!'”

At the forefront of operations across the globe, The Yorkshire Regiment is renowned for its operational excellence and as the ‘Best Sporting Regiment in the Army’.

Spirit of Yorkshire was launched in 2016 and is a collaboration between farmer and brewer, Tom Mellor from Wold Top Brewery and business partner, David Thompson. It is thought to be the only distillery operating in the UK that grows all of its own barley for its whisky production.