Yorkshire Pudding ice cream back on the menu to celebrate Yorkshire Day

A Yorkshire ice cream maker will be rolling out an ice cream flavour made from Yorkshire Puddings, gravy and raspberry vinegar to help mark Yorkshire Day on August 1.

Award-winning artisan ice cream maker Yummy Yorkshire developed the unusual flavour four years ago and due to popular demand, the ice cream is once again back on the menu for the month of August in celebration of Yorkshire Day.
Yummy Yorkshire, which is based near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, says the flavour is ‘a taste of Yorkshire in a lick’ and all the ingredients used are produced locally; the Yorkshire Puddings and gravy for the recipe are produced by Yummy Yorkshire’s own chef while the raspberry vinegar comes from Yorkshire based gourmet vinegar specialist, Womersley. The milk and cream for the ice cream comes from Yummy Yorkshire’s own herd of Holstein cows.

Louise Holmes, co-founder of Yummy Yorkshire says: “Yorkshire Day celebrates everything Yorkshire and what better way to show our appreciation of ‘God’s own County’ than through ice cream.

“Although the flavour sounds like it shouldn’t work, it does! The Yorkshire Pudding batter is very similar to a pancake mix so it combines well with the sweetness of the ice cream. The gravy adds a slight saltiness but this is balanced out by the raspberry vinegar – we added this in recognition of the long-forgotten tradition of serving Yorkshire pudding as a starter in this way.

“The resulting ice cream has a very mixed reaction from customers, it’s a bit like marmite ““ some hate it but others love it. It’s a mess with your mind ice cream! We hope that those who haven’t yet tried it will come and give it a go. Who knows, it may become a new staple in the Yorkshire diet!”
The Yorkshire Pudding flavour will go on sale on August 1, for a limited time only and is available to buy from Yummy Yorkshire’s farm and ice cream parlour.

Yummy Yorkshire is located on the edge of the Pennines between Huddersfield and Penistone. For directions visit www.yummyyorkshire.co.uk