Swaledale Online Butchers

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Swaledale is a traditional butchery with an online butcher’s shop, supplying exceptionally tasty, native breed, grass-fed meat from animals that have been thoughtfully raised and slowly matured on small farms in the wildly beautiful Yorkshire Dales.

Our goal is to produce products that are exceptional to cook and eat, and to achieve that we believe slow-growing, hardy native breeds such as Belted Galloway cattle or Middle White pigs are the very best choice. Our range includes succulent grass-fed beef, native breed pork, Harewood Estate venison, pasture-fed lamb, herb-feb chicken, and responsibly sourced wild game, available to buy on our website as individual cuts or in our popular meat boxes.

We also handcraft our own mouthwatering sausages and bacon, again using only the most flavoursome cuts of meat.

As wholehearted champions of sustainability, we believe that no part of an animal should be wasted, and as such we are committed to a ‘whole carcass’ approach using many cuts of meat not typically found on supermarket shelves.

Since establishing Swaledale in 2010, brothers-in-law Jorge Thomas and Charlie Cowling have built partnerships with around 30 small, family run farms and smallholdings who exclusively rear native British livestock breeds in the Yorkshire Dales. These partners are chosen because they share the Swaledale ethos and passion for rare breed animals and environmentally sustainable practices.