Perfect Provender

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We like to keep things simple at Perfect Provender; after all, there really is beauty in simplicity.

By using all-natural ingredients we have created a delicious granola for you to enjoy as a balanced breakfast.

Each bag of granola is made with the greatest of care to ensure you get a product you can trust and enjoy each time you buy. We use gluten-free oats as the base of our granola and add in nutrient-rich nuts, super seeds and some subtle flavours such as cinnamon or cocoa (these flavours will be available soon), to our different varieties. The crunch comes from an even coating of coconut oil and the sweetness from a little maple syrup.

Each variety of our granola is low in sugar, gluten free, suitable for vegans and comes in biodegradable packaging so you can be sure you are doing your bit for our wonderful planet whilst treating your body with the love and care it deserves.